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Useful Moving Tips

Moving Tips

Before you get started, there are two very important things you can do. FIRST, relax. SECOND, get acquainted with this guide. You can use a four-week calendar to create a broad outline of what you are about to do.

One Month Before You Move

Basic Planning

Frank’s Worldwide Moving will require:

  • Your moving date
  • Details on how the packing will be done (whether by his own crew or by yourself)
  • Your destination
  • And any special needs you may have

Get Your Boxes and Supplies

Packing boxes are crucial to your move. Unfortunately all boxes are not created equal. For instance the boxes that are sometimes available from supermarkets and other stores tend to crush easily and hence won’t protect your possessions. What’s more, their odd sizes make loading a truck difficult. Because of this, we recommend that you call Frank’s Worldwide Moving and ask about the packing boxes. We can offer you small and medium boxes, dish pack boxes and wardrobe boxes. To help you estimate how many different sized boxes you are going to need, we have included a very easy to use Box Guide. Delivery is available.

Recommended Box Guide

Bedrooms in House







2 Cubic Foot Boxes in House







4 Cubic Foot Boxes in House







Dish Box







Wardrobe Box







Keep in mind boxes should be under packed and cushioned. Do not wrap anything in newspaper as the ink rubs off very easily. If you kept the factory boxes your electronic equipment and small appliances came in, now is the time to take them out. You should also purchase tape, packing paper and large felt marker pens.

Thinking Ahead
Change your address. You should send change of address cards right now, to the organizations listed below. These cards are included in a complete change of address kit that you can get at your local post office.
Bear in mind that some groups have toll free 800 numbers: you may want to change your address over the phone.


Collect Your Important Records

You should gather together all personal and family records. Don’t forget your medical records (and x-rays), dental records, veterinarian records, school records, legal documents and titles, banking records, certificates, passports and insurance documents. It may be best to lock these papers in a secure briefcase and keep them with you during the move.

Important Measurements
Now is the time to measure doorways, including elevators. You may have to disassemble certain pieces of furniture. Also, if you are moving into an apartment building, it is very important to note the measurements of the doors.

Pack a Travel Kit

A travel kit can prove mighty useful, especially on long moves. We suggest you pack one that includes:

  • Aspirin
  • Band aids
  • Bottle/can opener
  • Chequebook
  • Credit cards and I.D. cards
  • Flashlight
  • Games for the kids
  • Hammer
  • Keys (new and old house)
  • Paper plates
  • Paper towels
  • Plastic utensils
  • Pliers
  • Screwdriver
  • Snacks
  • Soap
  • Styrofoam cups
  • Toilet tissue
  • Travel alarm clock
  • Washcloths
  • Wrench

Two Weeks Before You Move

How To Pack Like Frank’s Worldwide Moving

To pack quickly, efficiently and safely, follow our item by item directions:

  • Use large markers to label your boxes by room, master bedroom, kitchen, etc. Mark the boxes clearly and visibly. Preferable in more than one location.
  • Label only appropriate boxes fragile
  • Where needed use mothballs and other pest control products
  • Clean your home as you pack
  • Make sure all boxes are closed, and nothing is sticking out

AIR CONDITIONERS – It is best to consult the user’s manual of your appliance dealer for special moving instructions.


APPLIANCES (SMALL) – Pack small appliances in factory boxes whenever possible. Cushion with wadded paper. Do not use shredded newspaper. It can get into the machines.


BEDS – When you disassemble the beds, mark the pieces so they are easy to put back together. Lash bed rails together with making tape. Protect mattresses with special mattress covers.


BOOKS – Always use small cartons. Keep them below 30 pounds. Pack books flat, alternate the bindings, and cushion with wadded newspaper.


BUREAUS – Remove small, fragile items which may fall out or break. Leave clothing inside. Do not tape the drawers down, it may ruin the finish.


CLOTHING – Everything that hangs in a closet will do best in wardrobe boxes. Leave small garments in bureau drawers.


CURTAIN ROD HARDWARE – Place in a plastic bag and tie it to the rod.


DISHES – Treat everything like fine china. Wrap each piece separately in packing paper. Do not stack anything flat. Pack dishes, saucers and platters on edge. Nestle cups and bowls. Cushion with dish towels, pot holders, and paper. Pack plates and bowls on edge.


GLASSWARE – Wrap every piece separately in a lot of paper.


KITCHENWARE – Pots, pans, colanders, etc., can be stacked with a piece of paper between each piece. Cushion with more paper.


LAMPS – Pack lamp shades in individual boxes. Pad with paper. Bases should be wrapped and packed in separate boxes.


MIRRORS – Small mirrors can be wrapped in paper and packed in boxes. Large mirrors should be wrapped heavily in paper and then covered with cardboard. Tape the package together securely.


OUTDOOR FURNITURE – Disassemble any pieces that are screwed or bolted together. Place the hardware in plastic bags, tape to a furniture piece, and then tie the pieces together.


PAINTINGS (AND ARTWORK) – Treat them like large mirrors.


TABLES – If you can, remove the legs and tie them together. Pack the hardware in plastic bags and tape them to the underside of the table tops. Extra leaves should be padded and tied together.


TOOLS (AND GARDENING EQUIPMENT) – Pack hoses in boxes along with small tools. Lash or tape together rakes, shovels, and other long handled tools.


VALUABLES – Keep jewelry and other valuables with you at all times.


Be careful. It is very dangerous to move paint, alcohol, solvents, lighter fluid, greasy mops, or rags. These items should be properly disposed of prior to your move. Do not pack opened packages or containers of liquids. These items may spill and cause damage to your belongings.

Two Days Before You Move

Final Packing
Unload and defrost the refrigerator and freezer. Disconnect the refrigerators with the water dispensers or ice machines. Drain and disconnect the washing machine. Disconnect all the appliances, wipe and dry the interiors, remove all fittings and accessories and pack in individual plastic bags. For your washing machine, stuff towels between the machine sides and the tub to keep the tub from rotating. Then tape or tie down all moveable parts and doors.


Your Personal Packing

It’s also time to pack a personal box or suitcase. You should limit this to items that you will need after moving into your new home; clothing, toiletries and important medicine.

Moving Day

Check your house. Once the movers have packed everything, take a last walk through your house. Check to be sure that the lights and stove, including the oven are turned off and that there is no water running anywhere. Be sure all windows and doors are locked. Leave a note with your future address. Make sure nothing is left behind.

Moving Pitfalls

  • House closing times are usually later in the day. If the movers come in the morning, many times the truck will be loaded before your house sale has closed. When you buy a home try to negotiate an early closing time.
  • When moving from an apartment you need to book the elevator. Contact the superintendent and find out what is a good time to move. Then arrange a time with Frank’s.
  • Have enough boxes. Heaping the boxes full and not closing the tops, or not having boxes with tops makes the movers job really difficult. It will lead to breakage and a bigger moving bill.
  • Tape the boxes with 3 strips of tape on the bottom and at least one row of tape on the top. If not properly taped, the boxes will spill.
  • Using grocery and liquor boxes usually is not good. They are either too small and flimsy or do not have a top. The movers will not be able to stack your belongings in the truck. The movers will need more time causing a bigger moving bill.
  • Make sure your truck can get up to the residence.

Plan your next stress-free move with Frank’s Worldwide Moving today! Contact our office in Kingston, Belleville or Brockville.

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